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Music at Dry Land Distillers, March-May 2024

Fearless leader of the Jazz Unit, trumpeter Eric Ottem, joins me in March. Nico Steffens (KoSnoCo himself!) is with me on baritone sax in April. I’ll play the rare solo gig in May, possibly with a special guest or two.

But that’s not all! Pianist Adam Bodine will be playing jazz and beyond on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. He’s a killer player with a unique sound that you definitely need to hear. And with a dj spinning themed vinyl on 4th Wednesdays your midweek blues are cured, at least through May…

Bolder Boulder 2023 with the Eric Ottem Jazz Unit

The Eric Ottem Jazz Unit played the Bolder Boulder 10k this weekend. Playing jazz at 7am is a bit odd but you can watch the coffee kick in as we go

Also, the numbers on this gig crack me up: we played 31 tunes over 4 hours for about 40,000 people. That’s a massive show even outside the jazz world. But, then again, the runners were stuck listening to us as they passed by and probably only heard us for a maximum of maybe 15 seconds so maybe it’s more a typical jazz in the park gig…


Setlist for Graphite Addiction CD Release at LVB, 3/22/2016

Set One

  1. Improvisation
  2. Ballad for My Grandmother
  3. Change
  4. Brofoya
  5. Haley’s Comet (Nic’s Comet)
  6. Somewhere East of Omaha
  7. Jamangatu
  8. 30 & Counting
  9. Watching Water
  10. Space is Limited

Set Two

  1. Improvisation
  2. Message for Becky
  3. In a Whirled World
  4. F.O.U.
  5. Ricky Loves LuLu
  6. Lift It On Up
  7. Dachshund Dementia
  8. Just One
  9. Song for the Children