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Bolder Boulder 2023 with the Eric Ottem Jazz Unit

The Eric Ottem Jazz Unit played the Bolder Boulder 10k this weekend. Playing jazz at 7am is a bit odd but you can watch the coffee kick in as we go

Also, the numbers on this gig crack me up: we played 31 tunes over 4 hours for about 40,000 people. That’s a massive show even outside the jazz world. But, then again, the runners were stuck listening to us as they passed by and probably only heard us for a maximum of maybe 15 seconds so maybe it’s more a typical jazz in the park gig…


Setlist for Graphite Addiction CD Release at LVB, 3/22/2016

Set One

  1. Improvisation
  2. Ballad for My Grandmother
  3. Change
  4. Brofoya
  5. Haley’s Comet (Nic’s Comet)
  6. Somewhere East of Omaha
  7. Jamangatu
  8. 30 & Counting
  9. Watching Water
  10. Space is Limited

Set Two

  1. Improvisation
  2. Message for Becky
  3. In a Whirled World
  4. F.O.U.
  5. Ricky Loves LuLu
  6. Lift It On Up
  7. Dachshund Dementia
  8. Just One
  9. Song for the Children


Graphite at LVB, 9/18/2015

Set 1

  1. Improvisation
  2. Space is Limited
  3. Brofoya
  4. Ricky Loves Lulu
  5. HipiPOTamus
  6. Somewhere East of Omaha
  7. Jamangatu
  8. Ballad for My Grandmother
  9. In a Whirled World
  10. Siphersun (Improvisation from Audience Title)

Set 2

  1. Solar Reflections
  2. Just One
  3. Chasing the Mantra
  4. Watching Water
  5. Dachshund Dementia
  6. 30 & Counting
  7. F.O.U.
  8. Song for the Children