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Solo AlbumsAll by myself.

Vic Dillahay―Music for Chasing Squirrels
(Curious Automata, 2022)

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Music for Chasing Squirrels at Curious Automata

“Beautiful and soothing… The guitar melody is awesome.”

Allison Abbo Simon Lowe (AbboMusic)

Vic Dillahay―Music to Squeak By
(Curious Automata, 2021)

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Music to Squeak By at Curious Automata

“Beautiful and tasty playing!”

Guy Darby

Free ImprovisationsMaking it up as I go.

Vic Dillahay―Two Into Two Twice
(Curious Automata, 2022)

Two Into Two Twice at Curious Automata


Vic Dillahay―Occasional Music
(Curious Automata, 2016)

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Occasional Music at Curious Automata

“Beautiful but unsettling acoustic pieces…”

Richard Ellis

More Solo Acoustic

Electric vs. Acoustic

Solo Electric with Looping

with Graphite AddictionWorld rhythms, jazz harmonies, and melodic hooks to keep you grooving.

Graphite Addiction―Thoughtful Departure
(Curious Automata, 2021)

Also Available From: Amazon

Thoughtful Departure at Curious Automata

“Great jams”

Fernando Garcin

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Bandcamp Exclusives from Graphite Addiction

as audiosalvagemaking sounds against the silence.

audiosalvage―into worlds strange
(Curious Automata, 2022)

into worlds strange at Curious Automata

“Beautiful artistry!! Super tasty and captivating!”

Marlon Simpson

Collections and MiscellaneousOdds and ends.

Vic Dillahay―After Disobedience
(Curious Automata, 2020)

Bandcamp Exclusive

After Disobedience at Curious Automata

“happily lost… floating in a sea of ambient chromaticism…”

Richard Ellis

with OthersSometimes I play nice.

as Executive Producer / Consulting Producer
Annoying others into making music.