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Another Big List: The Index of Movement in Diatonic Sets

My previous book, the Thesaurus of Diatonic Sets, describes the relationships between the content of the subsets of the diatonic or other seven-note scales. It served that purpose well, but I soon found a basic flaw in its approach to pandiatonisim. It is careful about the set content but woefully lacking in concern about how sets move, treating all sets… Read more →

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Thesaurus of Diatonic Sets

The idea was just to write a chart…. Between finding chords for modal comping, three-note groups for Generic Modallity Compression, and pitch collections for improvisation it seemed I was endlessly listing sets derived from seven-tone scales. Tired of the repetition, I decided to simply create a table of the relationships between various sets and make it available to other musicians… Read more →