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  • Lessons at Boomer Music Company (2014-Present)—In Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Lessons at Guitars, Etc. (since 2007)—In Longmont, Colorado.
  • Online Lessons (2020-Present)—Anywhere.

Bands/Recording Projects:

  • Eric Ottem Jazz Unit (member since 2022)—Jazz in Northern Colorado.
  • audiosalvage (since 2018)—Bits and pieces.
  • Occasional Music (since 2014)—Improvised solo acoustic guitar.
  • Analogues of Infinity (since 2013)—Improvised solo electric guitar.
  • One Member Shy of a Good Band — Acoustic hip-hop and pop.

Past Projects

Former Bands:

  • Graphite Addiction (2005-2021)—Outside jazz trio. Building a better tree since 2005.
  • The Pete & Vic Duo (2007-2020)—Vibraphonist Pete Ehrmann and I play swing, jazz, and popular songs from the golden age of American music.
  • Aspen Street (2012-2019)—Folk ensemble recording music from the 12th to 21st centuries
  • Vic Dillahay and Doug Carmichael (2010-2013)—A modern take on jazz, R&B, rock, and pop standards.
  • Indigent Row (2011-2013)—Celtic rock from musician and composer Liam O’Beirne.
  • Longmont Jazz Quartet (2010-2012)—Sax, vibes, guitar, and percussion.
  • Sorry Little Blues Band (2006-2010)—Not little, not sorry.
  • The Sick and Indigent Band (2007-2008)—Proto-Indigent Row, included because it played one gig.
  • William Wilson (1999-2004)—Progressive Rock, perpetually under construction.

Recording Projects:

  • Outis (1999-2018)—Odd computer-based music.
  • Snarky Anarchy (2016)—Loud and angry. Also, improvised and loud.
  • Droste Effect (2008)—Electronic and found music.
  • How Long ’til We’re Forgotten (2007)—An exercise in futility.
  • Dr. Tarr’s Asylum (2005)—Really, really weird.

Theater/Live Scores/Multimedia:

  • Shrek (2014)
  • October 31st, 2014 (Audio/Video Improvisation, 2014)
  • Grease (2013)
  • Little Shop of Horrors (2008)
  • Installations #1-7 (2003-2005)


  • Colorado Music Instruction Center (2002-2007)—Achieve excelled learning thru technology.
  • Vic Dillahay Music (1998-2002)—In-home guitar lessons.