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Dillahay/Carmichael/Hall Trio

Jazz and such.

  • Vic Dillahay – Guitar
  • Tim Carmichael – Bass
  • Zack Hall – Drums

Eric Ottem Jazz Unit

Jazz in Northern Colorado.

The Eric Ottem Jazz Unit, a quartet in Northern Colorado, plays jazz and funk favorites.

  • Eric Ottem – Trumpet, Coronet, Flugelhorn, Flumpet, and Vocals
  • Steve Lopes – Drums
  • Tim Carmichael – Bass
  • Vic Dillahay – Guitar

Dry Land Distillers First Wednesday Jazz

A rotating series of duets hosted by guitarist Vic Dillahay.

Past guests include:

  • Liam O’Beirne (Indigent Row, The Neophonic Jazz Orchestra) – Mellophone, High and Low Whistles
  • Caton Sullenberger (The Jauntee) – Guitar
  • Eric Ottem (Eric Ottem Jazz Unit, House Blend Band) – Trumpet and Vocals
  • Tim Carmichael (Graphite Addiction, 3ology) – Bass
  • Bill Bohnenblust (Educator in Greeley, Colorado)– Piano
  • Nico Steffens (KoSnoCo, Rico Jones) – Alto and Baritone Sax
  • Doug Carmichael (3ology, Band Director at Erie High School) – Alto and Tenor Saxophone

One Member Shy of a Good Band

Acoustic instrumental pop hits.

  • Vic Dillahay – Baritone Guitar
  • Louis Calvin – Baritone Guitar


  • Tim Carmichael and Vic Dillahay – Improvisations and standards to keep you grooving.
  • Vic Dillahay and Doug Carmichael – A modern take on jazz, R&B, rock, and pop standards.

Solo Performances

  • Occasional Music – Improvised solo acoustic guitar.
  • Analogues of Infinity – Improvised solo electric guitar.


Music production, making sounds against the silence.