Graphite Addiction Photo by Karan Bishop

Coming March 22nd:

Graphite Addiction’s latest album a second chance, years later… Improvised in a single take, it’s a groove-heavy fusion of world rhythms, jazz harmonies, and melodic hooks.   Now available for preorder at iTunes.   Listen to the first half of Haley’s Comet via ReverbNation: Read more →

Namm 2015

3-ish Minutes of the Sounds of Hall D at NAMM.

Every year, the National Association of Music Merchants holds its trade show at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. It features an entire hall dedicated to drum and percussion gear, all being played at once. The experience is something like being inside an arrhythmic jackhammer, if each component of said jackhammer hopes to score a record deal by impressing… Read more →

Video of Graphite Addiction at La Vita Bella, 9/18/2015

Watching Water

Song for the Children

30 and Counting

Video Courtesy of Noah Barkan

The Seventh String: The Life and Tales of Bucky Pizzarelli

The one and only Bucky Pizzarelli talks 7 strings and plays a bit.

Dumble Steel String Singer: Notes on 1–7

# Notable Owners Circut Clones 1 Henry Kaiser 100W 6L6 with Tremolo None 2 Jackson Browne, John Mayer, Katsutoshi Shirogane 100W 6L6 Two-Rock Oak Cliff Special, Sebago Sound Texas Flood 3 David Lindley 100W 6L6 None 4 Henry Kaiser 100W 6L6 Two-Rock Sterling Signature, Ceriatone SSS 5 Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana 150W 6550 Bludotone High Plains Drifter, Amplified Nation Steel… Read more →



Initial tracking for the new Graphite Addiction album is done, now we enter the long dark of editing. There’s nothing like listening to yourself jam for a few hours to motivate you to practice… or take up a new profession.

Cruise Ship Drummer

Todd Bishop on Playing Well

You can’t be a writer if you haven’t read a lot of books, and you can’t/won’t be a musician if you haven’t put a lot of other people’s music in your head. When drummers who otherwise have some stuff together, but don’t know what to actually play— or sound disconnected from the music, or feel “uninspired”— this is usually the… Read more →