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Swing Guitar Backing Tracks

I’m really enjoying playing over the 4 rhythm guitar backing tracks Jonathan Stout posted at the Swing Guitar Blog. It’s a nice change to have a true swing feeling on these songs, as opposed to the more modern jazz of typical play-alongs. Read more →

Chordbot – Harmonic Minor Blues

Here’s a Chordbot file from guitarist Richard Ellis for a 12 bar blues in harmonic minor. 12-bar-blues-(harmonic-minor) (Chordbot) 12-bar-blues-(harmonic-minor) (MIDI) Read more →

Chordbot Backing – Rhythm Changes Bridge

Here’s a Chordbot file for the bridge section of rhythm changes. This is just the B section, the full set of changes is here. Rhythm Changes Bridge (Chordbot) Rhythm Changes Bridge (MIDI) Read more →