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Dumble Steel String Singer: Notes on 1–7

# Notable Owners Circut Clones 1 Amos Garrett, Henry Kaiser 100W 6L6 with Tremolo None 2 Jackson Browne, John Mayer, Katsutoshi Shirogane 100W 6L6 Two-Rock Oak Cliff Special, Sebago Sound Texas Flood 3 David Lindley 100W 6L6 None 4 Henry Kaiser, John Mayer 100W 6L6 Two-Rock Sterling Signature, Ceriatone SSS 5 Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana 150W 6550 Bludotone High Plains… Read more →

A List of Two-Rock Production Models from the K&M-Era

Since I couldn’t find it elsewhere, here’s a roughly-chronological list of K&M era (pre-PBG) Two-Rock amplifiers. A lot of this info comes from this article by Joe Mloganoski. K&M Amp (April 4th, 1999 to August, 2000) 2 channels, 50 watts, reverb. Emerald (October 1999 to Early 2001) 2 channels, 50 watts, reverb Sapphire (1999 to 2000) 100W version of Emerald… Read more →