New Solo Looping Album: Analogues of Infinity

Analogues of Infinity at Curious Automata
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I’ve decided to clear out some old projects, releasing them warts and all. First up is this solo guitar set from last year. February 14th was a snowy day and to stave off cabin fever I decided to record a bit of guitar. An hour and eight minutes of improvisation, looping, and one shaker hymn later I was done. This album is that session edited to get rid of the bits of aimless guitar-noodling and arranged so that the pieces have a more dynamic flow.

The audio for this album is under a Creative Commons license for the first time since 2007’s How Long ’til We’re Forgotten. It’s Attribution only, so you can do pretty much anything you want with the audio, even use it commercially. More information and the full legal text can be found at the Creative Commons website. I’d also appreciate it if you let me know what you create with it. Just drop me an email at

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