New Release: Spring Cleaning by Tim Carmichael and Vic Dillahay

Tim Carmichael and I have a new album! We decided to celebrate getting vaccinated and things starting to open up with a bit of free improvisation. We hadn’t played together since recording Graphite’s Thoughtful Departure in February of 2020 but we weren’t too rusty and the ideas still flowed. As Tim says in the liner notes “When you listen to this album imagine yourself getting together with a friend over a cup of coffee to catch up and enjoy the stories of your life’s journey. And, ideally, you will enjoy listening to this album with a great friend.”

Check it out at Bandcamp, on CD, or the music service of your choice!

New Release: Thoughtful Departure by Graphite Addiction

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Thoughtful Departure at Curious Automata

Graphite has a new album! On February 15th, 2020 we went into the studio to finish recording last year’s Grateful Destination. At the end of that session, we played this improvisation. It’s the last 45 minutes of the last time we were able to play together before COVID shut everything down. It’s also the last recording made at Aspen Street, since Pete has since retired to the greener fields of Michigan.

Check it out on the music service of your choosing and enjoy grooving with us one more time!

New Release: Other Analogues

2020 has made me nostalgic for simpler times, so I used my ample free time to record an all electric improvisation in the spirit of 2014’s Analogues of Infinity.

Really, this was an excuse to play with the Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon delay. Each track is an improvisation through one of its different delay modes. No real looping on this, but I did record the looper in the same session. The result of that is on Phantom Canyon.

Also, please remind me to never release an album on election day again.