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Some titles have not been released. Dates for unreleased titles are the most recent revision.

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with Graphite Addiction

Still to come: Reharmonizations


Maps for exploration.

  • A Thing (1996)—The first thing I wrote on guitar.
  • Between the Waters (2014)—On thankfulness for lack of rain.
  • Fickle Field (2010)—A musical portrait of Berthoud, Colorado. Not much here.
  • Flag on the Moon (2004)—Repeat it for no reason.
  • Four, Ted (2011)—Three for everyone else.
  • Frickle Frackle (2013)—“Fickle Field” reworked into a bop-ish tune.
  • Grin (2013)—Early-Pat-Metheny-esque tune based on triadic arpeggios connected by 1/2 steps. Basically George Garzone meets Bright Size Life.
  • Half the Times I’ve Failed (2011)—A dark melody of few notes.
  • john calvin’s bad dream (1999)—A little too much free will.
  • Kiddo (2013)—A quirky 12 tone piece.
  • Laetitia (1997)—Melodic curves.
  • Laetitia’s Lost Chords (2011)—New harmonization and a slight melodic change for “Song for Laetitia”. Proof that I endlessly fiddle with tunes and need to stop using a certain Corsican model’s name in song titles.
  • Malicious Compliance (2004)—How to be wrong by being precise.
  • The Monster Paul (2000)—Wherewalf. Wharwilf. Wharwolf. No matter how you say it, Paul is some kind of bat/wolf/bear thing.
  • Penguin Eddie (2011)—It was an emperor penguin.
  • Pumas Can’t Fly (2004)—(unless defenestrated)
  • Ricky Loves LuLu (1999)—If you see it painted on a bridge it must be true.
  • Ricky Loves LuLu (Revised, 2010)—Proper harmonies for the bridge of the tune about a bridge.
  • Serva Jugum (2013)— Rocking Gopucha Yati style.
  • Smolkin’s Boogie (2014)—A wandering blues.
  • Somewhere East of Omaha (2013)—“It’s not really a rhythm.”
  • Somewhere West of Wichita (2013)—Also not really a rhythm.
  • Song for Laetitia (1998)—The rejected sketches for Laetitia make a better tune than the original.
  • Swim, Swim, Hungry (2004)—Dopefish Lives!
  • Wisest and Best (2000)—Fix your attention on the good and the beautiful.


Spontaneous compositions, occasionally revisited.

  • Apologies in the Mirror (2016, BMI)—.
  • Ardmore, South Dakota (2016, BMI)—.
  • Caustic Vapors (2013)—Noisy yet ethereal.
  • Coalescence (2014, BMI)—Harmonics resonance restores tonality to the noise of Somewhere in the City.
  • Diffusion (2014, BMI)—Multitap delays and the introduction of harmonic and metrical dissonance.
  • Divine Volition (2014, BMI)—Restatement of left blank‘s dark side.
  • E Minor (2013)—Just one chord.
  • Everything From Edges (2016, BMI)—.
  • First Cause (2014, BMI)—Chord stabs transformed through self oscillating delays.
  • Floating on the Mare Tenebrarum (2014, BMI)—The loop, wanderings, a bit of noise, and silence.
  • Forgotten Counties (2016, BMI)—.
  • Good Morning (2013)—Hopefully.
  • Greatest Small Victories (2016, BMI)—.
  • Greenpoint (2013)—Not about Brooklyn
  • I-80 (2013)—Kinda repetitive, just like the road.
  • I-85 (2013)—Almost I-80.
  • In Uncertain Times (2016, BMI)—Uncertainty in three parts.
  • Inevitable Annihilation (2014, BMI)—Just like the title says.
  • Inside Around (2013)—I play the loop. The delay makes it weird.
  • It’s No Wonder We Can’t Sleep (2013)—Because it’s really loud. Oddly, people seem to really like this tune.
  • Lance Creek Wyoming, 3am (2013)—Stargazing.
  • The Less Within the Greater (2014, BMI)—The left blank theme returns in tatters.
  • The Lurking Terror (2013)—Feedback and echoes.
  • Mount Aetna (2014, BMI)—A folksy tune to kick off left blank
  • Negative One Twelfth (2013)—The punchline to Analogues of Infinity
  • New Strings (2016, BMI)—.
  • Old Strings (2016, BMI)—.
  • Original Unity (2014, BMI)—Grooving with delay as the timekeeper.
  • Practicable Roads to Truth (2014, BMI)—Looping as the pedalboard dies.
  • Questioning (2013)—A typo changed it from Questing, which seems more fitting.
  • Rings Around the Sun (2013)—EHX Ring thing on parade.
  • The Secondary Cause (2014, BMI)—Ring modulation finding the gap between two tonalities
  • Somewhere Else Entirely (2013)—Analogues of Infinity comes to a close.
  • Somewhere in the City (2014, BMI)—It took a while to find a “somewhere” title in Poe.
  • Somewhere We Can Visit (2016, BMI)—.
  • Thanatos at Eventide (2016, BMI)—.
  • Theme (2013)—Simple and fuzzy.
  • Thinking in Questions (2016, BMI)—.
  • The Universe of Stars (2014, BMI)—Chord stabs, then a loop building to Floating on the Mare Tenebrarum
  • Vern (2016, BMI)—.


Words and Music.

  • Coffee Girl (1999)—Will sing for coffee. Every week.
  • Eulogy (2004)—For those we’ve lost.
  • Galatea Walks Away (1999)—In which I display my lack of knowledge about greek mythology.
  • His Blonde (1999)—Just to be clear, he is a jerk.
  • I Could Use You (1997)—William Wilson was a villain. Thus, not a nice song
  • I Forgot Your Song (2004)—Breaking up with breakup songs.
  • Memo to Steve (1999)—Quite a missive.
  • Not What I Used to Be (2004)—Whatever that was.
  • Sally’s Anorexic Mind (2004)—A metaphor for willful ignorance and a poor one at that.
  • Tired of Bleeding (2004)—Whining about not whining.

Solo Guitar

Six strings.

  • 8 Bars for Fingerpicking (2010)—A short and easy piece.
  • Flight 417 (2015)—Harmonics the hard way.
  • Road 17 (1998)—DADGAD, ABACAD.



  • The Bells (2013)—SATB setting of the poem by Edgar Allan Poe. A composition assignment from 2003 finished after ten years of procrastination.


New takes on old music.

  • Simple Gifts (2013)—Noodling on a Shaker hymn for Analogues of Infinity.

Computer Music

Zeros and ones.

  • Band/Fill (2012)—Exploring the reduction of dissonance through octave restriction.
  • Beats (2000)—The inverse of Overtones. It would be an interesting piece for just-tuned piccolo.
  • Convoluted Shapes (2014)—Wave tables, FM, and convolution. Sci-fi pads the long way round.
  • Degrees of Silence (2015)—Rests accented by ambient noise levels.
  • Divisions (2010)—Dissonance equals duration, sort of.
  • The Finality of Points (2009)—10 years of Outis summed up in a single piece.
  • Fractals (2002)—Math is fun! Feedback is fun!
  • Infinite Refractions of Light (2008)—I have no idea what this title means.
  • Jazz/Numbers (2006)—A computer learns to play with humans. Well, it sort of learns to solo….
  • Memes (2004)—Algorithmic variation of scores. An adaptaion of the variation program for “Ghosts”.
  • Overtones (1999)—60hz hum and flying faders. Fun for everyone but the engineer.
  • Related Tones (2016)—Shifting between overtones and 12TET.
  • Subtext (2011)—Hypermeter and phrases.
  • Symmetries (2001)—Using Larry Solomon’s Q-Transform.
  • Thumbprint (2007)—The Outis project returns to algorithmic composition. Mandelbrot-set based music should really be its own subgenre.
  • Six Pieces in Quanta-Defined Musical Space (2013)—Pretentiously-titled collection of works that use from one to six dimensions of musical space.


Compositions in space.

  • Bloom (Installation #3, May–June 2003)—Complexity unfolding from a single point.
  • Burst (Installation #4, July–August 2003)—The violent sibling of Bloom.
  • a distant melody heard through rain… (Installation #2, March–April 2003)—Granular synthesis and position-dependent listener experience.
  • Ghosts (Installation #5, September–October 2003)—Echos of what was.
  • Peace and Harmony (Installation #6, November–December 2003)—Position-dependent carols from carols.
  • Simpatico (Installation #1, January–February 2003)—A melody hidden in other melodies. Cryptography meets folk music
  • When We Walk (Installation #7, 2005)—Last of the installations. Space, time, and ghosts.

with Graphite Addiction

Building better Trees.

  • Back of Fridge Experiment (2015)—Pete’s title.
  • Ballad for My Grandmother (2015)—Tim has a really hip grandma.
  • Building a Better Tree (2005)—Two tritones.
  • -Call It Two Against Three (2015)—Because that’s what it is. Except for the fives.
  • Chasing the Mantra (2005)—Probably Graphite’s most played tune.
  • Dachshund Dementia (2015)—Poor Turbo.
  • -Doctor Sus (2015)—Marc Johnson like.
  • Dreams of Plastic Weasels (2005)—Tim’s title. Not sure if it’s plastic weasels doing the dreaming or if they’re the subject of others dreams.
  • El Perro Amarillo (2006)—The yellow dog.
  • F.O.U. (2015)—Funk on.
  • Francine (2015)—It sounds like a Francine.
  • Gifelte Wish (2015)—Kinda klezmer.
  • Ground Groove (2015)—Not a ground it could be.
  • Haley’s Comet (2015)—For someone named Haley, so a different comet than Halley’s.
  • Keep It Green (2015)—Because it’s Colorado.
  • Lift It On Up (2015)—Higher.
  • The Meaning of Life (2015)—A good start.
  • Mr. Phatpants (2006)—We used to be called Mr. Phatpants but we changed to Graphite Addiction. Mr. Phatpants was a cat.
  • Number 42 (2006)—Our first recorded free improvisation. Now we have to play it.
  • Peace at Last (2015)—The last tune off ASCYL.
  • Quiet by the Fire (2015)—Not particularly quiet.
  • That Was Nice, Too (2015)—But we liked the first one better.
  • Tofu Toupee (2005)—No idea how that would work.
  • Told You Once for the Second Time (2005)—Third time’s a charm.
  • Triptamichigan (2015)—Pete was leaving for Michigan.


What remains.

  • How Long ’til We’re Forgotten (2007)—About six months.
  • Paper (2014)—The score as instrument.