Ghosts (2003)

September 2nd through October 31st


An installation for Halloween. It consists of 2 mic sources, sampled at random. These samples are then manipulated via Csound’s granular engine and stored in a sample bank. Sounds from this bank are played back and are resampled acoustically by the system with the resulting regeneration being less than unity. This leads to a generated noise floor, and occasional moments of serendipitous harmony. “Ghosts” is interactive, but still produces interesting soundscapes when left to its own devices.


Microphone 1 (Shure SM57)
Microphone 2 (Shure SM57)
M-Audio Delta 410
Computer (Mad Dan) running SuSe Linux
Mackie Powered Monitors for playback




Another piece dealing with the idea of ghosts as environmental cues. I installed it in a local business’ lobby, but it was “too eerie” for customers and went unused for most of the season. I later attempted to repurpose it as a sound effects unit for a haunted house. It failed miserably at this, producing only wind noise and occasional hilarious pitch shifted screams.