…interesting experiments with a cheeky attitude.

Bernhard Hellmuth (Sven Melo)

“Great sounds…deep, spiritual…dark…fantastic music.”

No Zu Sounds

“One of the most original textures I’ve heard in ages!”

Glenn Folwarski (Thadieus Project)

“…love the near atonal feel to some of the guitar work, and strong melodies in other progressions. ”

Wayne Cox (The Professor and Naomi Kay)

Somewhere Else Entirely is something else entirely! Quite a compelling stringed soundscape.”

Mark LaJoie (Living Waters)

“Brilliant, original, sensitive and thought provoking tracks.”

Greg Gibson (NewTribeZ Radio)

“Fretless guitar… are you the devil, now going to raise from the frets of society?”

B Billy Marse aka Billy the Train Robber (ReverbNation)

“Vic Dillahay, of Scottish decent, plays lead guitar and has an old school haggis recipie…”

Rodger Hara (Celtic Connection)