I charge for lessons two ways: by the hour or a flat monthly rate for recurring lessons.

By the Lesson

You sign up for whatever available times work for you and pay $65 per hour.

Recurring Lessons

You sign up for a day and time and have that same spot each week.

Each month you pay $110 for 1/2 hour lesson or $220 for hour lessons.

In every 4 month period there are 15 scheduled lessons (here is the current schedule), and in that 4 months you’ll pay $440. This works out to $29.33 per lesson.

If you were to pay as you go, those same 7 1/2 hours would cost $487.50.

So the weekly lesson plan saves you about 10%. And you are garunteed the same day and time every week.

                    Weekly                                          Single Lessons

Price per 1/2 Hour $29.33 $32.50
Schedule Same day and time every week, garunteed. Only for selected times.
Payment Due 1st lesson of each month. In full when you book the lesson(s).