D'Addario Strings
I use D’Addario strings on everything I play. They are the best sounding, longest lasting, and most consistent strings I’ve found.


  • EHR350 XL Half Rounds (12-52) for the Godin Multiac Jazz.
  • EHR370 XL Half Rounds (11-49) for semihollow and fretless guitars.
  • EPN115 XL Pure Nickel Blues/Jazz Rock (11-48) for the Les Paul and Core 90.
  • EXL110BT XL Nickel Balanced Tension Regular Light (10-46) for the Charvels.
  • EXL115 Balanced Tension XL Nickel (11-50) for all other electric guitars.
  • ENR71 Half-Rounds for basses.


  • EJ16 Phosphor Bronze (12-53) for flattops.
  • NB1356 Nickel Bronze (13-56) for acoustic archtops.
  • J74 Phosphor Medium (11-40) for mandolins.
  • J76 Phosphor Bronze Medium (15-52) for mandola
  • J92 Pro-Arte Clear for ukuleles.
  • EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light (10-49) for the Multioud.