Godin Multiac Jazz (2003)

I bought this guitar used in 2005 from Guitars, Etc. mainly because of Fareed Haque. I love Fareed’s tone when he used his Multiac Jazz with Garaj Mahal and hoped this guitar would cover a similar range. I’ve never been able to duplicate his blended sound through distortion, but it’s become my main clean jazz guitar.

The magnetic pickup is hot with a smooth, dark tone. It gives the guitar a Pat Metheny-ish tone with a bit more sustain than a full hollowbody. In the piezo/magnetic blend mode the tone ranges from a slightly more hi-fi jazz humbucker sound all the way to an electric-acoustic tones.

This guitar was built on Thursday, October 30th 2003 and was a factory second. It’s named after the Canadian actress Kari Matchett. She played various characters in the series A Nero Wolfe Mystery (occasionally playing two in the same episode), so the name seemed fitting for a Canadian guitar with many voices.


  • Graphite Addiction (2007)
  • Analogues of Infinity (2014)
  • The Pete & Vic Duo (2014)