A few amps.

  • Acoustic Image Clarus IIR—Killer jazz tone in a 5 pound package.
  • Crate Blue Voodoo—Loud. Blue. Also, loud.
  • Hiwatt DR103—Awesome tone, but too loud for any room.
  • Fairburn Model 1—Think a tweed Twin crossed with a Hiwatt.
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb (1965)—Never the same after the transformer died….
  • Fender Pro Reverb (1964)—Needed more mids.
  • Gibson Scout GA17RVT—Blues tone galore, but fragile.
  • Gibson GA50—Famous owners. Early Jim Hall tone. Would fall apart in a stiff breeze.
  • Jim Kelley FACS Combo—Great tone, ate tubes.
  • Tim Tucker “Harp Amp”—Tweed Deluxe.
  • Two-Rock Classic Reverb 50W—The amp to end all amps.