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Guitar Related

  • GuitarsThe instruments.
  • AmpsIn search of 1 louder.
  • PedalsBecause they make good guitars sound bad.
  • PicksAll you want to know about tiny pieces of plastic.
  • StringsGuitars don’t work without them.

Other Instruments

Studio Stuff

  • audiosalvage
  • Curious AutomataIn Fort Collins.
  • The CloisterIt was the studio, my bedroom, and a tiny kitchen crammed into what may be the smallest house in Longmont. Believed by some to be haunted.
  • CMIC—Lessons, tracking, mixing, sound design… We did it all.


Posts About Software

  • Abelton Live—For looping.
  • Avid Protools—Sometimes it’s the only acceptable tool.
  • Avid Sibelius—Until something better comes along.
  • CsoundIf it can’t be done in Csound it can’t be done.
  • Cuckos ReaperThe best DAW for capturing hours-long jams.
  • TableditThe long-lived French tab editor. I’ve used it constantly since last millennium.