Indigent Row (2011-2013)

Celtic-Fusion from musician and composer Liam O’Beirne.

About Indigent Row:

Indigent Row Barrel 500

Indigent Row creates a dynamic blend of traditional Celtic, rock, funk, and jazz. Driving rhythms and fresh tune arrangements fuel their energetic and musical performances. The powerful sound of this innovative band fills venues from pubs to festivals and keeps audiences of all-ages frolicking.

I was a part of the rebuilding of this group in 2011, and I gigged with them in 2012-2013. It was a blast playing rock, funk, and jazz behind traditional Irish music. After I left the group, it was reworked into a leaner, acoustic-oriented group suited for the pubs and taprooms of Colorado’s craft brewing scene.

For what the band’s up to today, visit Indigent Row’s Website