• Indigent Row — Celtic rock from musician and composer Liam O’Beirne.
  • Longmont Jazz Quartet — Sax, vibes, guitar, and percussion.
  • Sorry Little Blues Band — Not little, not sorry.
  • The Sick and Indigent Band — Proto-Indigent Row, included because it played one gig.
  • Mr. Phatpants — Noise, with a side of jam.
  • William Wilson — Progressive Rock, perpetually under construction.
  • Dark Arch — A joke that wouldn’t die.
  • CamBot — DJ and live guitar.
  • Mortal Coil — Industrial, since it was the 90s.

Recording Projects:

  • Outis — Odd computer-based music.
  • Droste Effect — Electronic and found music.
  • How Long ’til We’re Forgotten — An exercise in futility.
  • Dr. Tarr’s Asylum — Really, really weird.